Monday, September 24, 2012

Singapore F1 GP Night Race September 23 2012

 I would really like to say that the Performances are indeed spectacular, stage is fantastic, screens are 99.9% working (less some dead pixels here and there) And artists are simply engaging and interactive.

 This is the 5th year after all, and the entrance to the gates are done very well and smooth now.

 In the day, there are other races and the Porsche cup is quite exciting.

The apparels are kinda expensive, $100 for a shirt is not affordable to many.
The food and drinks are pricey too, a beer is US$8

The weather is hot and humid, sitting on the Bay Grandstand is nice, but walking around makes you sweat. And besides F1, there are a lot of other performances as well.

But being Singapore there are lots of rules to follow.

Then there are the performances, the stage and artists are pretty fantastic. I am pretty puzzled as many of the fans of Jay Chou, Katy Perrie and Maroon 5 seemed to be young girls and not interested in Formula 1, yet, they have to pay $$$$ to get in and $$$ for food. However, for those who are interested, its great as it is all under one .... fenced up area.

There are also lots of photo ops.

So overall, I would say, if you can endure the loud sounds of the F1 cars, and the outdoor weather of Singapore, the whole F1 experience is definitely more fun that watching at home.

However, it does cost a lot, and everything in there cost a lot as well. For example, my tickets for Pit Grandstand is about US$1000 a ticket. More information can be found here.

So do I think it is fun? Yes, definitely, but do I think it is worth the $$$? I do not think so as there are many other F1 circuits that are as exciting and cost way less.

--Robin Low