Saturday, January 19, 2013

Beers in Mexico - Review

Tecate, a very common beer found in Tijuana, and all over Baja California. Pretty light stuff, very regular stuff, nothing special, pretty much like your Heineken. Drinkable, cheap, but not AWESOME.

Time for the more interesting stuff locals drink here. Modelo, Sol and Corona, common Mexican beers found around the world, is slightly better here. Of all the 3 beers, I would say Modelo is the best here, but nothing to celebrate as it still taste mass produced, but consistently ok.

Beware of Beer + Clamato....It exists here!

Some say beer in a can taste not as good, and after trying Tecate in a bottle and can, as well as Corona and Modelo, I would say I agree with them.

 Now with the good stuff here.

Tijuana beer is a craft beer, and I would say, the taste of Tijuana Morena is much better than all the previous beer I've tried. The bouquet of the beer is still lacking and I would say that if smell was part of the experience (which it is), this beer is definitely short of perfection.

Tijuana Bufadora is slightly darker and does have a good taste as well, the beers are pretty light, very drinkable, but again, the aroma of the hops are not present like Samuel Adams or much of the other German beers I've tried.

Modelo and Negra Modelo is also pretty good. They are great largers, rather blonde, rather light and sweet after taste. Negra Modelo is my favorite thus far, I would say perhaps the taste may not be as great as the Tijuana Beer, but I do like the overall after taste and drinking experience.

Potro is surprisingly interesting to me. Its a dark beer, in fact, it looks like its beer + coffee, and does have a burnt taste to it, but the beer is smooth, light and does not taste anything like a stout. I rather like it, but take it from me, I don't like stouts.

I like Guinness only when it is cold and very fresh, and this is a very much lighter version of Guinness. With almost no aftertaste at all.

Barrilito was the last one I've tried, and compared to the group, I could not even recommend it. I would say, if it was any other day, I may have liked it, but with many other good beers in front of me, I would not say the same.

I would say the beers of Mexico are definitely worth trying and for their price, they are fantastic. Do it the Mexican way too, add some lime and it does improve the taste greatly!

-- Robin Low

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ricky's @ Rosarito Beach BC

Ricky's bar seems like a Mexican bar from the 1980's with relatively impressive sound system. It is very quirky and seems weird at times.

There is Halloween decorations and a X-mas Tree, random signed dollar bills, ladies underwear and bras on the walls. Could it be that fun a place?

Then comes Ricky, a man in his 60's with a cowboy hat and a unique laughter that brightens up the place. Ricky can go up and down the pole all night long! And the crowd continuously cheers him on!

Going to Ricky's is definitely an experience, and the drinks is cheap. There is live entertainment as the patrons sometimes participate in the "festivities"

Its Christmas, Halloween and what ever thing you want to celebrate at Ricky's Bar all year round!

If you are at Rosarito Beach, Baja California, MEXICO, do come by and check it out.

-- Robin Low

Friday, January 11, 2013

Don Quixote

Art by David Silvah 

Don Quixote is considered the most influential work of literature from the Spanish Golden Age and the entire Spanish literary canon.

And incidentally, it is also one of my favorite stores in Japan.

Don Quijote

It sells all sorts of random stuff at a relatively low price.

Well, I really love the various art done in Baja Galley on Don Quixote and was wondering if there can possibly be a collaboration for some real Don Quixote products to be sold in Japan?

I think it will be a hit!

-- Robin Low

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Tecate - The beer and the town.

I tried Tecate and rather liked the flavor. And I traveled to a small town in Baja California to visit Tecate.

Tecate is surrounded by hills and mountains, and the road is windy and interesting, and drive is enjoyable.

When I arrived at Tecate, the Beer factory is there!! And of course it is easy to find Tecate Cerveza everywhere. In the middle of the town, there is a beautiful town square, where you can find cafeterias, ice cream shops and craft stores, along with a beautiful park. The park is kinda small, and there are amigos serenading in the street corner.

Tecate is famous for Bread and Beer, a strange combination, which I am not sure if you should have them together.

Tecate Brewery also offers a brewery tour, but you need to make sure you check with them as they only open for specific hours.

Its a very beautiful place  and the journey is relaxing. Great place to chill and visit!

-- Robin Low