Sunday, March 29, 2015

Polariod Cube Action Cam Review

I have owned the Polariod cube for a few months now, and is is pretty nifty. The size of this cube is 1.4 inches all round and it could shoot 720p or 1080p videos at 30fps or 6MP photos. It has a 124 degree wide angle lens which is rather standard nowadays.

Costing just under USD$100, this action camera is a simple no-frills alternative, but it is definitely not like any Sony or Go-Pro.

Firstly, it does not have any mounts other than the Polaroid Cube Mount, however, the bottom on this camera is a strong magnet. It is strong enough for me to mount on my Helmet with a double sided mounted steel plate, going at 160km/h.

It is available in 3 colors and it does not come with any memory card, but you can insert up to 32GB micro-SD card into it.

Like many action cams, this little unit is splash proof, and works fine after running into some rain. (I did not try dunking it into water) There are various mounts available (helmet mount, tripod mount, strap mount, etc.) for extra $$$.

Here are some videos shot with this camera. (Day and night)

I could say that used as a recording device for Motorcyclist, this is a pretty good option. It record videos in 5 minute intervals and the size is about 290MB. (1080p @ 30fps)

The night recording however does fall a little short as I could not make up the license plates of vehicles when the motorcycle is traveling on the highway.

I got about 75 minutes of battery life recording at 1080p


Small form factor
Easy to use
Nifty magnetic mount
Relatively ok battery life


Not very good at night to be used as a recording device for Motorcyclists
Video Quality not very good
No Conventional Mounts.
Cannot change battery
No image stabilization

I would say, those who just want a fun camera, this would be it. Its small, cheap and fun.

For those expecting more, please spend more and the a real action cam.

Overall: 7/10

Robin Low