Saturday, March 16, 2013

Taipei Zoo Review

Like a lot of Zoos, Taipei Zoo is still a zoo, and I do not have high hopes for it.

Getting there is a little hassle as it is FAR FAR AWAY, but otherwise easily accessible via MRT.

If you are interested in visiting, I  must warn you. This Zoo is Huge, walking is ok, if you can walk 5km or so, because the exhibits are easily 500m apart.

 The zoo is pretty interesting, with lots of insects and a variety of animals.

I was there today, Panda exhibit is not open as Pandas are mating.
Check before you go if you want to see Pandas

Like most Zoos, the animals are far away, sleeping and really stinky. Well Animals poop openly, and you can smell poop from afar.

The design is rather pleasing, and walking around is not hard, except for the long distances. Most exhibits, you get to see Coyotes sleeping, Monkeys Sleeping, Turtles Sleeping... You get what I mean.

The one I recommend is the Insectarium. There are butterflies every, and they land on you!

I mean butterflies don't bite right? So they are everywhere! If you are squirmish, they will come to you.

The Penguins don't seem to sleep in the day, and they are the only animals that swam. Perhaps it because they have an Aircon Tank?

All other animals, like Horses, Giraffes, Camels, Zebras ... Yups -- STINK! Even the Bison. You see them from afar, and smell them from afar too.

 The Aviary is closed too, and there are some large birds in cages, and that is about it.

There are a lot of rare and random animals at this zoo. And expect it to be a zoo, smelling like poop, like all other zoos.

The entrance is only NT$60 and the food is not very overpriced  (Just Taipei Price)

Overall, the zoo is well maintained and staff rather knowledgeable. It is a zoo worth going if you like going to zoos.

But remember, there is a lot of walking, even if you pay NT$5 to take the tram, so wear comfortable shoes!

-- Robin Low