Saturday, April 19, 2014

Iceman 3D 冰封俠: 重生之门 (Donnie Yen) 2014 Movie Review

Iceman is the new Donnie Yen Movie. This is the remake of Iceman Cometh (急凍奇俠) by Yuen Biao 1989.

I must say, I love these cheesy pseudo Sci-Fi movies, and if you like this kind of Action Comedy HK Flick, you will not be disappointed much by this new movie.

The movie starts with much action, and the whole movie is rather action packed, however, I must warn, there is not much plot and not much logic behind the story. Donnie Yen is a Imperial Guard, being cryogenically frozen and transported to the future. There is not much more to it, just that he has great Kung Fu and has his adventures in modern day HK.

I cannot really reveal much more as that is pretty much the movie, and anything more will be the whole story. This is a rather enjoyable flick to watch, but I need to give a clear warning. THIS MOVIE IS PART 1 of many... THIS MOVIE DOES NOT END!!

I am not an advocate of movies which cannot end in one movie, and although this is a good Sunday matinee flick, I still would not really recommend watching this on the big screen and paying full price.

Overall: 6/10.

If you like the old Iceman Cometh (1989) this is an updated remake.

-- Robin Low