Monday, April 25, 2011

Galaxy Tab Review

I've used the iPad, Archos 7, Huawei Tablet and the Viewsonic tablets for a while, and now I decided to get the Galaxy Tab.

This is not the latest review of the Galaxy Tab launch last year, but I'm going to share with you my experiences and reasons why I got the G-Tab.

Quick specs: 1GHz processor, full Flash support thanks to Android 2.2, dual cameras, support for up to 32GB of storage and WiFi / 3G connectivity

The Galaxy tab looks great and the screen is fantastic. I would say Samsung has did such a good job of making such a bright screen, compared to the other tablets, it is definitely brighter.

The reason why I got the G-tab is because the price with a 2 year plan is S$248 (on a Singtel S$39 plan) It is pretty ok in price, and I love the specs.


1) a headphone jack
2) microSD card slot
3) form factor is great for 1 handed use.
4) solid build.
5) great screen, great viewing angles.
6) Responsive screen.
7) supports flash.
8) 1Ghz processor. (much less lag compared to other tablets)
9) Internet tethering (via mobile AP app)
10) ok 3mp camera. (crappy flash)


1) no micro-USB slot. (random Samsung Slot)
2) no kickstand
3) Gmail app on the Tab sucks, I sent 3 emails out when I pressed the send button.
4) ~ 6 hours of battery life vs the ipad 9.5 hours

After using all the Android tabs, even now with the newer tablets out, the Galaxy Tab is still a pretty choice which is better than the other tablets.

If you can get a plan with a relatively cheap tab, why not get it.

Overall 8/10

-- Robin Low

Thursday, April 14, 2011 Photobooks Review.

Recently I've used to print a Relief 2.0 photobook, and here is my experience.

Traditionally, I am not a big fan of photobook services as I feel that they are overly expensive, and in this case, a medium sized book of 40 pages, with a wrap hard cover costs S$104. Although I used more than 100 photos in the book, I felt that it was a tad expensive.

The software that you can download and use is not especially intuitive, and overall, I spent 8 hours putting photos and addition captions, then resizing the photos.

However, a week later, I received my photobook, and the quality was amazing! The paper quality, printing quality and colors were simply amazing. It was a true 300 dpi digital print and I love the book!

The service and the choice of books at Just1book, located at Dhoby Ghaut MRT was fantastic, and I highly recommend it!

So do try out their software, if you are good enough to design on your own, save a 300dpi PDF file and they can print it too.

They are definitely worth the price you pay for the books and service.

-- Robin Low