Sunday, July 19, 2009

Trending topics on Twitter


James Brond is a trending topic on twitter today.

Twitter’s trending topics usually indicate breaking news, for example Iran elections and Michael Jackson was the trending topics when the incident happened.

Often, random things also appear and fun topics like #wordsaftersex become the trending topic.

And today, it is James Brond.

From the tweets that I read, James Brond is a fictional character that is a spoof of James Bond, (a failure) and some creative people even managed to think of LeBron James and added him into the topic.

Today, when you look at Twitter’s trending topics, you’ll notice that the large majority of trends are memes started by a single user or a group of users, with the main goal offering entertainment rather than spreading information. That’s all fine and dandy - no harm in having fun - and I realize well that Twitter’s trending topics are not necessarily required to be giving you and me an overview of stuff that really matters, but I can’t help but think it’s a pity that that list is starting to turn into the top 10 of chain letters people used to circulate through e-mail messages in the late nineties.

Well today, you can enjoy reading the tweets about James Brond and here are my favourites:

@iamgatcha: James Brond likes his baked beans to the side of his toast - he finds soggy toast most disagreeable #jamesbrondfacts

@cannedmalice: The only reason James Brond does not play World of Warcraft is because he is afraid of crowds. #jamesbrondfacts

@Nesos: James Brond only fights the elderly. #jamesbrondfacts

@cannedmalice: James Brond did not know what an erection was until he was 22. He is still a little uncertain. #jamesbrondfacts

@Bianca_Stafford: James Brond is the fourth Jonas Brother #jamesbrondfacts



Wednesday, July 15, 2009

3GS Review

Basically, externally.. there is no difference from the 3G. In fact, it is identical and you probably cannot tell them apart if they were off. (except the one I tested said 32GB in the back)

I tested a iPhone 3GS for a while and tried out the different apps for it. When the phone is turned on, everything is noticably much faster, thanks to the beefed up CPU, RAM and extra storage capacity. OS 3.0 feels and looks absolutely fabulous as well.

From previous versions of the system software featuring highly sought after features like cut, copy, and paste, stereo Bluetooth, MMS, tethering, video recording, landscape keyboard options for more applications, and an iPhone version of Spotlight.

In my opinion, iPhone 3GS and OS 3.0 tweak the details in just the right places, and not really giving you a revolutionary new phone.

On loading the apps, you can notice that it is significantly faster than the 3G iPhone thanks to the increased in RAM and processor speed. Tried some games, and results were much better. 3GS does have better loading time and less lag.

After using it for a while, I noticed that the finger prints were very easily wiped off, so I took out my already dead and obsolete iPhone 3G and noticed that the coating on the screen has improved.

Tested the camera, and the 3MP camera, with "autofocus" still sucks and takes too much time before the shot is done. It is nothing compared to the other camera phone in the market, and pretty much underpar with what's currently offered by other phone manufacturers.

I tried out the compass, and it is very pretty and does come in useful when you use it with google maps. Using the other apps like safari and some other built in games, the iPhone seemed pretty nifty.

So after 1 FULL CHARGE of the battery, did they improve on the battery at all? NO!! The battery life is still miserable. With the WiFi on, 3G network and listening to songs on my headphones, I barely got to test it for 3 hours before the battery was drained. Then when I picked it up, the iPhone was incredibly hot! I could have sworn that it can fry eggs or boil water. Don't believe there is a difference in the battery life between the 3G and 3GS and heat is definitely an issue.

So as a whole... Thumbs up for OS 3.0 but still the built in battery sucks, not really a business phone as when your battery runs out, you need to plug in to charge, instead of just switching batteries.

If you have an iPhone, just consider the price (which is pretty low now) and whether you need another one. All your accessories would still work, and it would be great if your iPhone 3G was broken, but otherwise, get a WM7 phone when it is out.


Thursday, July 09, 2009

Do's and Don'ts on Twitter

Here are some tip of Twitter Etiquette.

Do not tweet continuously. Sending lots of tweets in a short period of time is just annoying.

Do not use DM autoresponders. More often than not, DM autoresponders are used poorly. It does get rather annoying when someone DMs you a thank you and some other important DMs get covered up to several pages later.

Do not beg for retweets. If your content is good, other Twitter users will retweet it. Asking "pls RT" makes you look desperate.

Do use CAPS to help other tweeps understand your message. VIDEO: IMPORTANT: MJ has died!

Do not autotweet. Autotweeting is usually a bad idea.

Do not follow the "join to get 400 followers." It makes you tweet the same tweet over and over and there is no way to get off it. (Except changing your password)

Do not overuse the HASHTAGs. Hashtags can be extremely useful but they're frequently abused by spammers, marketers and applications. So choose which ones you use wisely. Hint: hashtags relating to body parts, private matters, illegal activities and words you wouldn't use in the presence of your grandparents are usually the ones to avoid.

Do not use random characters with numbers behind for your user name. If you have just started an account, it is not too late to change it now. You may look like a spambot, even though you're human!

Do not tweet nothing but things to sell or squeeze pages. This is 'social' media. Just as nobody likes the person who is constantly puts links to squeezpages or clickbank stuff. Provide value with your tweets.

Do not overfollow or autofollow. If you have 500 followers but are following 5,000 people, something is wrong. Some people have sophisticated beliefs regarding follower ratios.

Do not sell out. Tweeting a message for a company for a chance to win a free laptop may be a good deal for the company, but by tweeting marketing messages for compensation (or a chance at compensation), you send the message that you're easily bought and sold.

Think before you tweet. 140 characters is not a lot, sending 3 tweets to make 1 message just does not cut it.

Do not send just a link without a description. With url shorteners, who the hell knows what you are tweeting about?

Follow these rules and you can become a better tweep!

Happy tweeting!


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Some really cool Twitter Tips.

This is very simple but it works.

Simple usage of CAPS can easily improve the quality of your tweets. This is especially IMPORTANT when you only have 140 characters to play with.


Here is a new tip,

When you tweet, use the first word in ALL CAPS to categorize the message or to giving emphasis to the message. In addition consider keywords you can use (only one) that are well used.


TOOL: great twitter tool at


IMPORTANT: mj just passed away

All the best

~Randy Schrum

(from @randyschrum)


Remember, make sure you think and plan before you tweet.

It will help people understand you better and possibly get you more followers!

--Reviews Guru

Monday, July 06, 2009

Social Media Introduction

Many people are probably on Social Media without knowing what it is all about. Let mw try to make it clearer to you.

“Social Media is a group of online media
which has the following characteristics.”

1.Participation – Social media encourages participation and feedback from everyone who is interested, the kind of audience participation blurs the line between media and audience.

2.Networks – Social media allows networks that share common interests to form and communicate effectively and quickly.

3.Two-way communication – Social media is a new way of communication which content is distributed by audience, unlike traditional broadcast media, it allows user comments during transmission.

4.Connectivity – Social media thrives on connecting people, allowing people to share their experiences on the web and add their comments and links to related topics.

5.Open source – Social media is open to feedback and participation. It encourages voting, sharing and comments and it frowns upon restrictive barriers like passwords.

As you can see, many of you are already doing social media, but just unaware of it. Social media is a great way to meet more people with similar interests. It is a great way of networking, however there are also many dangers when you engage in social media.

Remember, do not trust everything you read (Whether on newspapers or on social media), even when a lot of people posts and talks about it. Treat it as gossip until it is veryfied. (Sometimes, it does not really need to be verified, does it?)

Keep an open mind. People are ready to share their opinions on a topic which may or may not be true, whether you like it or not. Do not get upset easily by with others have to say. The world is so diverse, and just celebrate the diversity of people and that every one has their own points of view, whether you like it or not.

Lastly, do not share too much information on yourself on social media. Most of it is very open and everyone can know about it. You need to be aware of what you share, and be responsible for the content. Do not be upset if someone comments about your photos or your posts.

Most of the time, many people using social media are just out ot have fun, so go along enjoy it, and share our experiences with people out there!