Saturday, July 26, 2014

Trincomalee, Sri Lanka (Review)

තිරිකුණාමළය Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

Located on the East Coast of Sri Lanka, Trincomalee is essentially a beach location. The beach is beautiful at Trincomalee and Pigeon Island -- located near Trincomalee -- has lots of corals and fishes as well.

Popular tourist destinations include its beaches at Uppuveli, Salli and Nilaveli, used for temple visits, surfing, scuba diving, fishing and whale watching, and the Kanniya Hot Springs.

The Portuguese fort at Trincomalee is very interesting and the old temple inside is beautiful. The Koneswaram temple, with a recorded history from the 3rd century BCE and legends attesting to classical antiquity attracted pilgrims from all parts of India. The shrine itself was demolished in 1622 by the Portuguese (who called it the Temple of a Thousand Columns), and who fortified the heights with the materials derived from its destruction.

You can get stunning photos of sunrise and the Milky Way is simply too obvious given the dark surroundings. The beach resort (Pigeon Island) is ok, nothing spectacular, and the town has limited shopping availability. But as a plain old beach, you definitely get peace and tranquility without any loud party music.

Definitely a great relaxing spot.

-- Robin Low

Pigeon Island

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Anti-Gambling Ad Campaign #Fails

So good even Jimmy Fallon joins in the spoof...

With Germany trashing Brazil 7-1, this Singapore Ad has gone viral. But if this was true in real life, perhaps its not the problem of gambling that the kid's father has when he bets all the savings on Germany, it may be match fixing..

"The anti-gambling campaign comes as some Singaporeans have been embroiled in one of the world’s biggest match-fixing scandals. Last year, an inquiry by European police forces uncovered a global betting scam run from Singapore."

But for now, there are so many hashtags to be used on this ad that ran everyday during world cup, with the government spending a lot of money, and not getting international attention. Perhaps more attention than when Singapore an Youth Olympic Games.


-- Robin Low