Saturday, August 25, 2012

Greenyarn Greenfeet 3 Carbon Fiber Insole

Loved the insoles & socks! v v comfy! great value for money! -- Harveen

Where are you all my life? I've used so many socks, and these socks are just amazing. My feet feel so clean taking off my socks, and the insoles are so comfortable! Would defo recommend -- Seng Hock

Ran 10km in them, feet did not hurt, it really works! Would love to get more, where can I buy them? -- Daniel

Wow, bought this and loved it. Carbon fiber arch is very comfortable. Would love to get few more, where can I buy them? -- David

Bought your Greenfeet 3 at SPH and it is very comfortable. Can please advice where can I get this particular product. -- Seng Hoe.

I've tested the prototype for a few months now, and initially when I put it on, I felt the carbon fiber formed arch pushing on the arch on my feet. It was not uncomfortable, but I can just feel it there for about an hour and then, I stopped feeling the insole.

With the prototype insole, I could walk further, longer and my feet hurts less after. I do not suffer from any foot problems or flat foot, but it still benefited me a lot. After one or two runs, I started loving the insoles as it gave me extra support and balance. When I wore my canvas shoes with the insoles for cycling, my arch does not hurt, even after long rides.

I've some feedback from people using the insoles for ultramarathons and long distance running, and when they use the prototype insoles, their heels do not hurt anymore, but the ball of their feet is the only sore part.

After some final modifications, the production insoles have less of an extreme arch, a lighter piece of carbon fiber, and a cushion pad for the ball of the feet.

I'm wearing the new insoles for 10 days now, and it is indeed comfortable. If you are interested in trying them, Greenyarn will be launching them shortly by the end of the year.

-- Robin Low

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Taiwan White Grape and Lychee Beer Review

I bought these at Ang Mo Supermarket in Toa Payoh for S$3.20 and saw them at NTUC for S$3.90. Wonder why NTUC is so expensive for most things, yet cognitive dissonance makes old people go and shop because of 2% off. Still, with 2% off, the price is much higher than most other supermarkets, unless you are comparing 7-11s.

I'm a fan of Taiwan Beer (and a fan of Wu Bai) and when I see this beer, I had to try it. I've been drinking a lot of Chi-Hi in Japan and I absolutely love it!

Well, after trying the Taiwan Lychee Beer, I feel that they seem a little sweet -- a little too sweet. Compared to Chi-Hi, it seemed to lack the delicate refreshing taste, and the after taste seemed a little off. Next, I tried the White Grape Beer. To my disappointment, it was much worse. It is no where close to the Suntory Chu-Hi, and it made me like the Lychee beer earlier.

Trying the Lychee beer again, I must say, it starts to grow on you like cheap store brand soda. I love my Shaw's Pineapple Soda!

In conclusion, if you can't get Chi-hi in your country and you can get this Taiwan beer, it is not a very good compromise, just get a Chi-hi if you can and be done. Otherwise, try the Lychee Beer. Have more than 1 can. The taste does grow on you.

Overall: 3/5

Robin Low

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Singapore NDP 2012 Preview (Fireworks) Review

The National Day celebrations in Singapore is probably the only one in the world where you get to have at least 4 full dresses rehearsals with fireworks and all... Lots of resources used, lots of "funpacks" given out.

Strangely, after attending several of them in the past few years, the National Day celebrations seems to be the same, and nothing new or creative is added every year. It feels like people are going through the motion to celebrate and the performances looked similar.

However, this year, performances seemed much worse and less exciting than before. Perhaps in the preview, there was less than actual performances included, so I really do hope there is more of a "wow" factor in the actual performance.

Another note, the fireworks also seemed to be much smaller than before, it is to save cost? Or is it simply using less Fireworks during rehearsals?

-- Robin Low

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Form C-S (Simpified Corporate filing for Singapore Companies)

Filing Form C-S (Simplified Tax Filing for Small Companies)

I was quite excited for the new form C-S as I own many small companies which quality for easy filing.

In the past, the tax filing system seems very inefficient. The online filing does not really work, and there is xbrl or some accounting format to follow, making it tough for small companies to file on their own. For many companies that I own, sales are very small, probably $100k annually, and this may come from 3 sales, and yet I still need to file.

Although small companies filing Form C-S are not required to submit their financial statements and tax computations together with Form C-S, they are still required to maintain proper records of their transactions and prepare their financial statements and tax computations. Such records are to be retained and submitted upon IRAS’ request.

Qualifying Conditions for Filing Form C-S

Your company qualifies for Form C-S filing for YA 2012 if it meets the following conditions for the YA:

Is incorporated in Singapore
Has an annual revenue* of $1 million or below
Derives only income taxable at 17%

Does not claim any of the following:
Carry-back of Current Year Capital Allowances/Losses
Group Relief
Investment Allowance
Research & Development Tax Allowance
Foreign Tax Credit

How to File Form C-S

Your company may either:

e-File Form C-S via myTax Portal; or (deadline 15 Dec)
Submit Paper Form C-S. (deadline 30 Nov)

Benefits of e-Filing Form C-S

Small companies eligible to file Form C-S are encouraged to e-File as you will:

Enjoy an extended filing due date till 15 Dec, instead of 30 Nov when you e-File.
Enjoy filing convenience via myTax Portal with:
• iHelp facility to guide you along as you e-File
• In-built formulae to auto-compute certain fields
• Auto-computation of estimated tax payable
• Save draft function which allows you to save a draft copy of the tax return up to 15 Dec, until it is ready for submission to IRAS.
Receive instant acknowledgement when you have successfully e-Filed.

Due Date to File Form C-S

Form C-S must be submitted to IRAS by 30 Nov. The due date for e-Filing of Form C-S is extended till 15 Dec and does not apply if you submit paper Form C-S.

I am going to try it out tonight and let you know how simple it is.

More information found --> here <--

-- Robin Low