Sunday, July 19, 2009

Trending topics on Twitter


James Brond is a trending topic on twitter today.

Twitter’s trending topics usually indicate breaking news, for example Iran elections and Michael Jackson was the trending topics when the incident happened.

Often, random things also appear and fun topics like #wordsaftersex become the trending topic.

And today, it is James Brond.

From the tweets that I read, James Brond is a fictional character that is a spoof of James Bond, (a failure) and some creative people even managed to think of LeBron James and added him into the topic.

Today, when you look at Twitter’s trending topics, you’ll notice that the large majority of trends are memes started by a single user or a group of users, with the main goal offering entertainment rather than spreading information. That’s all fine and dandy - no harm in having fun - and I realize well that Twitter’s trending topics are not necessarily required to be giving you and me an overview of stuff that really matters, but I can’t help but think it’s a pity that that list is starting to turn into the top 10 of chain letters people used to circulate through e-mail messages in the late nineties.

Well today, you can enjoy reading the tweets about James Brond and here are my favourites:

@iamgatcha: James Brond likes his baked beans to the side of his toast - he finds soggy toast most disagreeable #jamesbrondfacts

@cannedmalice: The only reason James Brond does not play World of Warcraft is because he is afraid of crowds. #jamesbrondfacts

@Nesos: James Brond only fights the elderly. #jamesbrondfacts

@cannedmalice: James Brond did not know what an erection was until he was 22. He is still a little uncertain. #jamesbrondfacts

@Bianca_Stafford: James Brond is the fourth Jonas Brother #jamesbrondfacts



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