Friday, November 27, 2009

Boston, Black Friday, 2009

The Friday after thanksgiving is the time to shop for the holidays season to come, there are many sales happening throughout Massachusetts area, I decided that this year, my goal was to hit the Wrentham Premium Factory Outlets.

On this rainy night, after the 10:10p.m. movie "Ninja Assassins" I proceeded to drive towards the Factory outlets. As we were driving on Rte 9 in Brookline, we were pulled over because we were going 60km/h on a 50km/h by a Brookline Police officer.

Though we were let off with a warning, the 30 mins delay was enough to force us into a massive traffic. As a result of the traffic jam, many people are driving like "Massholes" and traffic was all over the place. People are overtaking and switching lanes for no reason at all.

Finally, at 4am, I arrived at Wrentham. It was still drizzling and I started to go to the targeted stores one by one. The following stores are my favorite stores in Wrentham in 2009.

Banana Republic - 50% off everything
Tommy Hilfiger - 40% off everything
Vitamin World - 20% off most items
Adidas - 30% off storewide
Reebok - 30% off most items

Nautica, DKNY, Timberland, Merrell and Gap seemed to have pretty good deals but Sony with one of the best deals in the area seem to be closed till 5am.

After 2 hours of shopping and discovering many great gifts, I moved to my next location of shopping: Electronics.

For electronics, I discovered several places with many electronics stores close by. In Fenway, You get Staples, Bestbuy and Bed Bath and Beyond. At South Bay, I would say there are also many Big malls close by, and I expected many people to be there just because of the location and the concentration of stores, and eventually, I decided on Arsenal Mall in Watertown.

In Watertown Mall, you get,
1) Bestbuy
2) Target

And across the road, you get Arsenal Mall,
1) Filene's basement,
2) Vitamin World,
3) Gamestop,
4) Radio Shack,
5) Olympia Sports, etc.

In BestBuy, there are so many "doorbuster sales" and many extremely popular items. However, my goal was the Sony Handicam DCR - SR47. This 720P camcorder has a 60 GB harddisk, and it can record up to 45 hours of video or 15 hours of HD videos. In BestBuy, it costs $249.99 or $299.99 with a spare battery and camera bag.

There are also many good offers on memory cards, and I figured the best offer is at Staples, but failed to get them at any Staples I visit.

The other great offers include Motorola Cliq at $79.99 in Radio Shack for a new 2 yr agreement.

Well, I've satisfied with my buys and gifts I'm giving and I'd love to go to the sales next year.

-- Iron Bowl

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