Saturday, January 02, 2010

Boston First Night 2010 Review.

New Years Celebration occurs in most big cities, and this year, I was in Boston on New Years Eve.

Every year, on New Years Eve, December 31, First Night Boston happens. The following things generally occur on First Night:

1) Parade at 5:30pm (Hynes Convention Center)
2) Fireworks at 7pm in Boston Common
3) Fireworks at 11:59pm at the Boston Harbor.

I would like to thank the First Night Committee and the City of Boston for making this happen. The volunteers for First Night and the Boston Police should also be commended for making the event flow smoothly and keeping order.

I like First Night Boston, for a few reasons:

1) Everything is relatively in walking distance, visitors who visit the events can get to know the city well.
2) Free MBTA Train Rides after 8pm! (Encourages people to get out and use public transportation)
3) Both FREE and "First Night Button" Events to cater for people of all ages.

The following are the "FREE" Events in Boston that I went to.

The Parade at 5:30pm.

The Parade was fun, if you arrive earlier, you may even be able to participate in the parade. The Parade is down Boylston Street towards Boston Common, and every year, regardless of the weather, thousands of people will gather to watch it.

Besides the Parade, you could also see the Ice Sculptures. They are usually located by the Public Library near Copley and in Boston Common.

You can't find ice sculptures in tropical countries, and it is a real treat as the theme for each year is different. If you are a visitor to Boston for the first time, you should go to First Night earlier in the day and watch the artist chisel and chainsaw the sculptures, and then view them at night again. It is really interesting and enjoyable to see them being made.

Like I said before, the ice sculptures are scattered around the city, and you will be able to see the pretty sights getting to them.

I've been around Boston for many years, and walking in Boston on New Years is special and very much different as the crowds seem to make the walk more enjoyable. Everyone is in a festive mood and ready to party!

Next: Fireworks.

There are 2 Fireworks Display.

One at 5:30 pm in Boston Common, where you can get photos of the Fireworks which are launched pretty low above the tree line, and even get great shots of the State House.

The other Fireworks is at Boston Harbor, near The New England Aquarium.

The finale fireworks. I feel something special every year when I watch the fireworks. It always amaze me that "Land of the Dead" when Zombies are transfixed with Fireworks and it happens here a lot in Boston as well. At midnight, when everyone looks up in the sky after the first explosion, there seemed to be this moment of happiness inside that tells me "Whatever happened last year, this year will be better."

Watching the fireworks is one of the most wonderful experience where all the worries disappear during those moments of explosions and everyone seemed to look up in happiness.

To everyone reading this, thank you and have a Great 2010!


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