Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Esplanade (Singapore)

I was with my mom at the Esplanade yesterday and there was many people and a lot of things to see. Firstly, there was a Korean Music Festival going on and there was also the opening of the Marina Bay Sands Bridge.

There was some strange bamboo erections up, and it does make an interesting wall.

Walking down further towards the large body of water, the view was great. You get to see the partially constructed Marina Bay Sands and the Central business district area, which is lit up and beautiful at night.

There are a lot of seats available for you to sit and enjoy the lights and sights.

Marina Bay Sands Bridge Opening.

There was much fireworks and performance in celebration of the opening of this new bridge, however, the speech given by Mah Bow Tan was underwhelming, and the performance lack luster. The crowd was very foreboding, and everyone seemed to be there just to be in the crowd.

The esplanade will probably be a very nice place to go, once the construction is over, and the new bridge would definitely be a great addition.

But if there are dark clouds, remember to bring an umbrella as there is not much shelter!

-- Robin Low

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