Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Orchard River in Singapore

After an hour of rain or so, Orchard Road flooded.

This is the review of the flood that is still going on at Orchard Road in Singapore.

There are a lot of construction going on in Singapore, the new downtown line is getting built, and Singapore enjoys covering up the open drains, and even the Singapore river is no longer a river.

But now, we have a new river in Singapore -- Orchard River.

Video of Orchard River

Video of Orchard River 2

Video of Lucky Plaza, not so lucky now..

Singapore wants to be #1 in everything, We may have been #1 once in Port, Airport, Environmental Offender, Human trafficking, Table Tennis, etc.

With the success on Venice with their Gondolas, maybe Singapore may one day emulate it with the help of poor drainage systems and heavy downpours.

Pity that you will get wet if you are trying to enjoy a nice boat ride though, but I guess a slow boat ride down Orchard Road may prove to be a fantastic experience. Great transport experience when it rains, and then some shopping later.

Rating: 8/10

-- Robin Low

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