Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Changeable Sandals

The Changeable Sandals --
Sandals with Interchangeable Straps is an interesting concept. Being able to pick the right straps with the right colored soles is very interesting, however I realized that being able to customize your sandals to preferences is just the beginning of what to come.

The idea feels a little ahead of its time, and I feel that the design of these sandals feels very simple and basic, but the thing that impressed me most is that this sandals project is a social enterprise.

Amputees are hired to make these sandals, and the cost of these sandals still feels very reasonable at $25 for a pair of sandals and 2 different types of straps.

The sandals do feel comfortable, and there is also a feeling that you have help someone disadvantaged. Very satisfying indeed.

-- Robin Low

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