Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shanghai Pudong International Airport Review

Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVD)

This is a relatively new airport, and I have been to the airport many times so far. Each time, more renovations are done to it, and it changes slightly.

In Jan 2011, I was at Shanghai again, and I found many new shops there. My complains last time was that the stores were closed early, and most of them were like 9am - 5pm stores. Next, Some stores do not accept non-China Credit cards. WTF? Airport, seriously?

The airport is located near many airport hotels which are relatively cheap. I had 6 hours to spare, and I actually spent US$40 on a room to take a shower and a short nap before flying off. It was definitely worth it.

Many new stores good -- closing stores early bad -- having lots of stores clutter up walkways bad -- not changing signs when new store are blocking way to international departure bad

There are a few more things about the airport that irked me, but I think it cannot be helped. The local people seem to not care about the place, I've seen people smoking electronic cigarettes, littering, allowing their children to pee in the trash bins, spitting, missing the toilet bowl while pooping (poop on toilet seat)

Yes, many parts of the new airport is disgusting.

There is nothing much to buy and shop. Its expensive, and many parts of the airport is disgusting!

Avoid it if you can.

-- Robin Low

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