Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Palo Alto - Trip Review

Moderate Traffic

I arrived at San Francisco Airport on May 19th and the weather was very nice. It was nice and cool with green all around. The drive was slightly packed with traffic at even 4pm, but it was otherwise pretty nice.

Stanford Landmark

After placing my bags at a home, I visited Stanford and Palo Alto area.

Nice Arches

Nice Arches

Fountain at Stanford

Stanford Palm trees

Located in Menlo Park, CA, Stanford was HUGE and it does take a few hours to visit the parts of campus. There are a few Famous spots like the Hoover Tower, Memorial Church, Mausoleum and Angel of Grief ... It is very big to explore, and certainly more than a few hours is required.

After visiting Stanford, you can easily get to the rest of Silicon Valley and check out Cisco, Intel, Google, Facebook, Nvidia and much more. It all happens here!

But be reminded, security is tight and you need to get a friend who works there to bring you around.

-- Robin Low

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