Sunday, July 24, 2011

Leica M9P vs Leica M9

I have a chance to try out the M9 Titanium and the M9P today, and I must say, they are very pretty cameras indeed.

Looking at the M8, M9, M9 Titanium and M9P, I personally do not feel that there is much difference. They are all well built, and look great.

The M9P's design does drop the red Leica dot on the front, and added sapphire glass to the rear, but does it really make any difference at US$1000 more?

I would say, the low grade 2.5" LCD Screen with 230k pixel resolution is simply disappointing for a S$11.4k camera. Adding sapphire glass does not increase resolution. Even the Fuji X100 has a 2.8" 460k pixel resolution LCD screen.

I would say, this Leica is a work of art, and it takes great photos. The price is in deed a little high, and I'm not sure if dropping the red dot and adding sapphire glass to the low grade LCD screen does make US$1000 of a difference.

-- Robin Low

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