Sunday, September 04, 2011

Night Festival Singapore 2011

Prior to my visit to Night Festival, I heard many good things, and the large crowds it draws.

I was very excited and decided to visit on 3 September 2011, and here are some of the photos.

Jellyfish in the sky

Jellyfish in the air.


Spooky projected face

Night Lights 2011

Night Lights 2011

Space Invaders

Trying to reach the light

Kid observing her shadow.

Balloon holding brown thing?

Yes, the question after arriving at 6pm hearing all the good things was "That's it?"

Yes, there was sort of a live light show exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum, but everything else seemed rather underwhelming. The crowd was terrible and the experience was rather disappointing.

Standing under LED lights to stare at your own shadow seemed to be one of the attractions as well.


-- Robin Low

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