Saturday, July 14, 2012

Food and Electronics Bazzar 2012 Review

The Food and Electronics Bazzar 2012 runs from 13 July - 15 July 2012 at Hall 5 Singapore Expo. (11am to 9pm)

I was at this Expo today on 14 July, and it was drizzling all day, and at times, the rain got heavy and I was surprised that Singapore Expo flooded on the outside. Luckily, the flood waters did not get into the halls.

Singapore Expo seems pretty disappointing. The toilets were not maintained, and the floor was wet and disgusting. The toilets also ran out of soap which makes me not want to eat there.

But most importantly, I went there for the Electronics expo. Like most bargains in Singapore, there are large crowds of people, all wanting to save a buck or two. A few things were apparent, there are many stupid people.

Audio House is having a BIG sale, and not all the door busters are sold out. In fact there are hourly sales which randomly sells things like Large Smart LCD TVs at good prices and giving away free WiFi and Tablets.

I've compared some prices of the items and there are indeed some good deals. Not all the items are "old stock" and in fact, there are some very new models of Samsung and Panasonic TV at deep discounts.

I bought a Blue Ray Player for S$179 (with RMVB playback on USB) full 1080p HDMI.

I also got a few Sandisk USB Thumb Drives 32 GB at S$29.80 and 16GB at S$13.80. There are Samsung 500GB Portable USB 2.0/3.0 Drives for S$99 which is an ok deal (Which I can find at Carrefour)

I am tempted to get a 46" Panasonic LED Smart TV for S$1,099 with 4 HDMI inputs and 2 USB ports and Built in WiFi and SD Card Readers and Flash Player to watch YouTube.

On the Electronics side, the Audio House booths are pretty ok, you can pay by Visa, Nets or Cash, and queue is not long, but for many other booths, only cash payment is allowed.


Food Expo. Wow, how do I even begin. I've bought an ice cream which taste pretty good, but otherwise, there are so many Sharks' Fin Soup stalls, I think 30% of the stores sell Sharks' Fin.

With all the call for banning Sharks' Fin, I guess only the rich people who do not need to buy things at a bargain and eat organic stuff really cares about the cause. Many people bought the 2 for $5.90 Sharks' Fin.

The other food is relatively cheap, but not appetizing, and since the toilets are dirty, I did not try the food as I can't afford to be sick.

Its an interesting show, and pretty good for bargain hunting. Not too crowded because of rain (and floods)

-- Robin Low

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