Friday, December 28, 2012

Samuel Adams -- New World Beer Review

Sam Adams -- New World is a limited edition beer -- A Golden Tripel with Notes of Spice and Tropical Fruit.

This is a pint of beer with a 10% alcohol content. (There is yeast in the bottom, so this is an ale)

Color: This beer is pale golden color, clear.

Smell: You can get a whiff of herbal hops, and tropical fruit, like pineapple and some spices. If you have tried the Sam Adams Boston Larger, this beer smells quite similar with an added fruit smell.

Taste: Refreshing and flavorful. Very Smooth. Definitely taste some sweetness and little bitterness from the hops. It does not taste like a 10% beer at all, but after a pint, you can definitely feel it. There is also a fine layer of yeast at the bottom of the bottle, so the bottle can still age if you don't drink it, but it is definitely tasty and will not stay long in your collection.

This is a limited edition beer available at the Sam Adams Gift shop in Boston by the Brewery.

Try it while it last!

Almost Perfect, one of the best beers I've tasted!

-- Robin Low

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