Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The Internship - Movie Review.

Directed by Shawn Levy
Writing credits: Vince Vaughn (screenplay) and Jared Stern (screenplay)
                          Vince Vaughn (story)

This is a comedy about 2 middle aged salesman losing their jobs and joining Google for an Internship, competing with young "kids" for an opportunity for a job.

I watched it today in anticipation of a lot of laughs, but this movie really had a very bad start. In fact, the lack luster start made me want to walk out as it was dry and boring. The start was filled with many uninteresting characters which did not add much to the story, and their plan after losing their jobs was a convoluted process to enroll in an online class to be eligible for an internship opportunity at Google?

There is some kinda funny jokes, and a lot of misses, and it gets slightly better when the whole movie is set in Google. Looking back at what actually happened, this whole movie felt like a big advertisement for Google. It does talk about the corporate culture and products, and I could see a lot of potential for the movie to be much better, however the 2 hour long movie failed to impress.

A lot of references to many "Geeky things" fail to draw laughter in the tough crowd in the cinema, and the whole "Googlers, Googliness thing" is a weak attempt to put Google's "making the world better" agenda in your face.

The little bit of romance is simply, "meh" and the big finale was long and drawn out and you do not really feel for their victory.

However, the movie does make you think about how insecure your job situation is, and how people in their 30s and 40s are totally screwed by today's system.

I would say, there was much disappointment in the cinemas, and I would not recommend watching this at all. Still, I would say catching it when it goes to cable or watch it online streaming is not too bad.

Overall 5/10

If you are Google worshipping, this may be one movie you CANNOT miss.

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