Sunday, May 18, 2014

Spicy Salted Cuttlefish in Sri Lanka

I've participated in the Spicy Salted Cuttlefish Tasting organized by Yamu ( at Nerd Salon on 17 May 2014.

I was surprised that there were so many Chinese Restaurants in Sri Lanka that served crispy spicy salted squid, I've always experienced this kind of food more in America than in Asia and would say that they look very good.

On looking at the initial packaging, I would say, many fail the packaging test.

For crispy food, airtight containers are definitely a no no as condensation will make the food lose all the crisp.

I would say, the Sri Lankan - Chinese Food (Crispy Salted Squid) tastes slightly different from the ones I've tried. Out of the 7 boxes, I like 2 of them and maybe it is because I'm used to the taste I'm used to in Boston. In the 20 mins or so used to transport and set up the tasting, they remained crispy and the flavors are pretty good. It gives enough crunch and and the squid used taste fresh the scallions and onions gives it enough of the other flavors such that it is not just plain spicy, but it does have other complexity inside as well.

As I realized that this may not be a fair test as such foods may be only good when HOT, nonetheless, I am looking forward to try out more of the Chinese Food in Sri Lanka.

I heard they are popular here with the locals!

-- Robin Low

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