Monday, January 05, 2015

First Night Boston 2015 Review

First Night Boston was pretty fun this year. The First Night buttons was $10, Ice Sculptures were in Copley, Boston Common and around Faenuil Hall, Puppet Shows at Hynes convention center, free trains in the evening...

I would say, everything was as expected. large crowds, cold weather, interesting parade... Although I have been there every year, I still enjoyed it a lot.

Here are some tips to enjoy the first night.

1) Have a big lunch and bring water for the day.

2) Know the locations of the toilets. They can be found in most malls. At downtown crossing, the large Walgreen, Corner Mall have great clean toilets.

3) Eat dinner before 6pm. The parade starts at 6pm and fireworks happen at 7pm, then the restaurants will be very packed with a 2 hour waiting list.

4) Dress warm with many layers.  For a few years in a row, temperatures fall below freezing when sun goes down.

5) Don't Drive. Take the T into Boston, then take the free T out at night. If you come from out of town, you can park on Beacon Street (In Brookline) or Commonwealth Ave (In Allston)

 Here are some photos of First Night Boston 2015

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