Sunday, April 05, 2015

Furious 7 Movie Review

After hearing lots of good things about the movie, I decided to watch this movie. I've seen the trailer many times and I do like the Fast and the Furious Franchise, and I've met Paul Walker before and he's a great man who had done great work in Haiti, and watching his last movie, it would be special, it had to be.

This movie is directed by James Wan, a Malaysian who had done great movies like the Conjuring, Saw and Insidious. I like his movies and decided to see if he will do Furious 7 justice.

Watching the movie, you get to see all the characters that are in the Fast and the Furious Franchise, including Lucas Black from Tokyo Drift, which I felt was a side story from Fast and the Furious. There was an elaborate way to tie up the series and it did work in a certain way to build continuity in the series.

The show starts off with Jason Statham visiting his brother in the hospital (Fast and the Furious 6) and swearing vengeance. In this movie, you get to see Tony Jaa and Kurt Russel as well, making this movie full of action stars.

From the trailer, this movie seemed over the top with superhuman feats performed by the characters, however in the movie, all the action, comedy seemed to fall in place, with the pacing of the action done well so you do not feel overwhelmed with information.

While watching the movie, knowing that Paul Walker died in a car accident before filming the whole movie, I was anticipating some form of death for Brian O'Conner. And at the end of the movie, I was actually moved by the ending, to a point where I nearly had tears coming out as Brian (Paul Walker's Character) is retired with a happy family, with a short tribute of all the different moments of Brian in the Fast and the Furious Movies in a solemn send off which I'm sure will leave the audience tearing.

Overall: 9/10

Go watch it in cinemas.

-- Robin Low

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