Sunday, October 11, 2015

Opening of Coney Island - Singapore

Coney Island is Open to the public again. I visited Coney Island on Oct 12, 2015.

This is not a very convenient location. From the Punggol MRT station, you still need to take a SBS Bus 84 to Punggol Settlement and walk about 1km to the west entrance.

On Google, it is called Serangoon Island. from the map, it is not too far from Punggol MRT station. The LRT line to Punggol Point is not open yet.

The 7-11 store is also our of any cold drinks, so remember to bring your water perhaps from somewhere else like at the MRT station.

Coney Island is basically an island without any electricity. It is said to be open from 7am - 7pm -- perhaps because there is no power on the island. Not to worry however, you can still get phone signals.

One thing to note: the pathways are very narrow, and with a lot of cyclists, it can be a place where kids can get injured, and this is not a very friendly location for an ambulance to come.

On the Island, you get to see Pulau Ubin and Pasir Gudang... And be careful when answering phone calls because you may get Malaysian Roaming on certain parts of the island.

What to see there?

Errr... Nature? There are monkeys, a disturbed bird of prey? Casuarina trees? Perhaps a lone cow which is rumored to be on the island? Because of the haze and the crowd, I did not see much other animals.

Coney Island was previously owned by the Aw brothers of Haw Par Villa fame. They built a beach villa which fell into disrepair. The building is structurally sound, and open to public visit via guided tours.

Reminder: The island is 2.4km long and the toilets is at one end of the island. So please visit the toilets before going to the island.

My advice: Don't go during the weekends. The huge crowds is a big turn off. The kids who visit are disturbing the animals on the island and despite their parents shouting at them, the kids are still throwing sand on the monkeys at the beach... Lots of cyclists cycling on narrow paths which are not meant for cycling. There are only 4 shelters on the island, so either bring an umbrella or make sure the weather is good.

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