Monday, April 20, 2009

Twitter Nation

As more and more people get on Twitter and start using it to post links and information, twitter starts to get more information built up. Eventually, twitter search may be a better way to search the internet.

Twitter, a social media tool did not catch my eye earlier as micro blogging seemed like a fad, however, it ceases to amaze me the creative ways people use twitter.

Twitter becomes more powerful when

1) You add a like to your tweet, and information on the link.
-- This makes it searchable, and people can find out about your link and it acts like a search engine for your link.

2) If 140 characters is not enough, blog and add the link. Give a good description on your tweet, and you can get your message through.

3) tinyurl. This REALLY helps as some links are very long, and shortening it HELPS!

4) Use it as a news Channel. Its another example of mass customization. Choose who you want to listen to, pick some "channels" and they will give you the latest information you want to know.

5) Live chat, status updates. Follow your friends, know what they are doing and use twitter as a chat.

Its easy to use, but to get people following you, it takes a lot of hard work...


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