Thursday, April 23, 2009

Twitter Power

Twitter is growing to be a very powerful business tool. It helps business share, connect and research information on their customers and the current trend. So are you a tweeter yet?

A tweetname or a tweeter user name is preceded by the symbol @, and my my tweeter name is @reviewsguru.

Leveraging Twitter as a Business Tool
Like the past when presence on the web is important, the presence on Twitter and other Social Networking platforms is very essential. Your presence on Twitter is also part of your brand and choosing the right name for your twitter account now becomes essential as it is your "face" on social networking.

Using Twitter as part of your marketing strategy.
How do you translate your time spent on PR and marketing on Twitter for Market Returns?
--Understanding Twitter.
As far as I can understand, there are a few kinds of followers on Twitter, one which will follow you when you follow them, they are all about the numbers game. And the other kind of follower, one that is really interested in what you have to say.

If you are looking to build broad reach as part of your thought leadership/influencing strategy, then I’m perfectly agreeable to obsessing about the number of followers I have, however if you want have a group of followers who would read your tweets and propagate them, you will need to spend time and know about your followers.

Your activity on twitter is building your brand, (140 words limit) a tweet at a time.
Remember, you are limited by the number of characters, so tweet carefully. It takes a lot of planning to get a successful tweet campaign going. Your activity, tweeting and re-tweeting is literally building your brand. Read and view the links before you re-tweet as it takes more time to troubleshoot a bad tweet.

For the 140 characters limit, fortunately there are url shorteners such as tinyurl and to make the long extensions, manageable.

Tweet frequency is hard to manage. If you tweet to frequently, or have too many "ad-like" tweets, some of your followers may not like it and will unfollow. If you tweet too little, you may not be optimizing the opportunity to reach out to potential followers.

It is recommended by Gurus that you tweet at least once a day, retweeting interesting or inspiring stories and share useful information.

Focus on connecting with your followers as this new media is based on networks and it should be used less like a "broadcasting" channel. Follow your genuine followers, connect with them and learn their needs and the trends.

Soon, you will be tweeting to the sweet sound of success.

--Review Guru

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