Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We want to use technology (In Principle) Singapore

I'm doing some consultation to companies in Singapore, starting small workshop on Social Media. After talking to more than 10 companies, and introducing them to Social Media, these are the following observations.

1) All the companies are very keen to get on Social Media. (The bosses are very interested) 

2) The companies would love to implement Social Media as part of their Marketing and Customer Relations.

3) The companies agree that Social Media is gaining importance and it is essential for them to get on and adopt some strategies which incorporate using Social Media in their business plans.

4) The companies believe that it does not cost much implementing Social Media in their Business efforts, it takes time and effort.

5) Blogging and having a Facebook presence is not hard, but most still do not understand Twitter, though it is the most viral and far reaching medium.

6) Though the companies want to implement Social Media, no additional resources are given to implement this.

7) Companies want to be part of Social Media, but do not have a strategy to leverage. Some companies are very bureaucratic and may be too slow to react get their messages through to effectively use Social Media.

8) Companies are still scared that they do not have control over their Corporate Blogs, Twitter Accounts and Facebook Pages. Fact is, if they don't participate in Social Media, the WILL have no control.

9) The Marketing Managers and Executives are tasked to look into Social Media and will eventually respond negetively or not want to do it. Many of them are "paid to do work" and see Social Media as additional tasks which they are not being paid for, hence they refuse to put in effort to learn.

10) Even when companies know that changes need to be made to implement Social Media, they still fail to think of new policies which makes the life of the Social Marketing team hard as it creates a lot of uncertainty on publishing posts and reacting to replies. 

Remember, if your company is generally unresponsive due to bureaucratic red tape, and you generally have a lot of customer service complains as the customer service offers are no empowered, then you simply have bad customer service and having Social Media does not help customer satisfaction.

-- Reviews Guru

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