Sunday, May 31, 2009

Why some people use twitter!

When I asked this question on Twitter, "Hi Tweeps, I'm doing some #research on why people use #twitter. Pls reply me w/ your reasons, I'm promoting twitter and blogging your reply!"

The following are the answers:

@Boy_Kill_Boy if i didn't i'd blow my brains out with bordom

@amandaxr I do that to interact with friends, where the messages are more casual and shorter than typical blog posts. #twitter

@susanhutchinson To connect w/people, make friends, uplift people along life's way. That's what I'm here for. :)

@kopigao I'm not too sure why I tweet, but it seems obvious why you tweet. :D

@EmNiew an easy and efficient way to get research sources and gather information #twitter#research

@kulturbrille It gives us an excuse not to blog.

@WillyLim I used social media for generating leads and demand for businesses.

@philgerb I tweet to get and share information. I tweet to connect to new people and reconnect to friends and colleagues

@philgerb I have more both for business and pleasure at my blog

@TheBackpackr I use Twitter to keep in touch with those I know, & use it to engage w/those I don't, but want to know. It also helps with mkting

@FoOie I'm using Twitter primarily for social reasons, meeting people, making new friends, interacting, exchanging opinions and ideas..

@FoOie I also find it a great source of help. Tweeps are generally all very nice, helpful, appreciative, friendly & interesting! :)

@Greenyarnllc Mkt research, interact w/ customers, exchange ideas with folks in similar industry, get latest news!

@wei2 I start using Twitter for my advanced PR writing class, and Im in love with it now:)

@Nazeem I use twitter to meet like-minded people, and get the latest news as soon as it happens

@deborahbarrie to educate, entertain, to be educated and entertained

@ahkai to see lots of interesting information and is faster than news release. 2. Live comments during events. 3. Is fun!! :)

@appleey had an acc on twitter long ago. but only rediscovered when clearing old mails =.= so just decided to just start with it

@lennel signed up so tt i can get macworld updates frm macrumors. then got the iphone & discovered celebs. now sgp folks rock my world.

@mikedmerrill Reasons 1) Listen 2) Engage 3) Provide Thought Leadership 4) Branding 5) social #research #twitter

@phusionade to expand network?

@grentone gotta know when I heard about Google's interest. Main purpose is to network and observe social behavior of the herd. Gr8 platform

@serenetan Twitter keeps me up to date with the latest news, I get to interact with people from all walks of life and its my place to rant.

@ctham Mainly to connect with people, share news, gain different views and perspectives. #research #twitter

@RickGriffin I use twitter to keep up with the pop culture and to occasionally make you laugh:) God bless!


Basically, you can do any form of research if you are online, and if you have enough followers and you can get answers relatively quickly!

Twitter is pretty viral and awesome, and it is definitely changing the way people communicate.

From the above, you can see that different people use twitter for different reasons and many are getting what they want.

So... why do you tweet?


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