Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mos Burger Review

I have always like Mos Burger. I felt that their attention to detail. (Cashiers use hand sanitizers to clean their hands after receiving cash, etc.) is very commendable. Their burgers are slightly better than the regular fast food, and overall, the company does have a good image on sustainability, and Corporate Social Resopnsibility.

I love Mos Burger in Taiwan, and have visited the MOS Burger outlets once a week, when I'm there. There are also many limited edition promotions, like buy a new burger meal and get a MOS Burger Mug, etc. The restaurants are clean and pleasant to be in.

Lately, I've been to the MOS Burger outlets in Singapore and was a little shocked to see the difference. Initially, I found the elderly staff in the outlets rather cool, as they empower the elderly to work, but after visiting the MOS Burger outlets twice so far, I was quite disappointed.

I visited the MOS Burger outlet at Nee Ann City last week.

The elderly cashier was a little hard of hearing. It took her 5 minutes to get the order from a school girl in the front, another 7 minutes with the second person and 6 minutes with the third before serving me. No matter what people may think, queuing up for about 20 minutes just to get your orders taken at a fast food restaurant, when the restaurant is not so crowded is NOT ACCEPTABLE. The elderly cashier kept asking MOS Burger with Cheese? Spicy or non Spicy? And I kept saying I want the regular MOS Burger and pointed to the picture of the regular MOS Burger. After taking the order, I found that the price was different and questioned the elderly cashier on the difference and found out that my order of MOS Burger Meal with Apple Soda became Yakiniku Rice Burger with Milk Tea. How the hell did it happen when I was asked Cheese or no Cheese and Spicy or non Spicy?? Overall, I got my order sorted out and the Cashier was unhappy as all the customers seemed to have slight problems with their orders.

Then I visited MOS Burger today again in Toa Payoh at the HDB Hub.

I ordered the same order again and as expected, 3 customers took 12 minutes. (Slightly better than the other experience.) This time I pointed to the picture at the counter and said "THIS ONE... NO CHEESE... NO SPICY" The elderly cshier got it, and I ordered "APPLE SODA" When the cashier was giving me my change, it was wrong. I found that I was given Milk Tea again, and was charged more. I informed the cashier the mistake and was given Apple Soda. When I told her the price difference, she then gave me back change. Some how I think the Cashier was pissed angry, and my Apple Soda was filled to the brim with ice and she poured away a lot of APPLE SODA, giving me some Apple Soda Flavored Ice which was finished in one sip. When my burger came 10 minutes later, the fries were soggy and the burger was cold. As I was in a hurry, I informed the staff about the disappointing food (which I did not eat) and left. It was a really bad experience.

I guess there is a big difference between the same brand in different countries. While hiring the elderly is good, I'm not sure there was proper training or screening involved and it my experience at MOS Burger in Singapore was 100% disappointing.

I would have to give MOS Burger in Singapore 2 thumbs down!!


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Ng Susan said...

The east mos burger aunties not friendly.