Wednesday, June 17, 2009

ST Reporter Blogs about @SGbrands!

At last there's some mention on SGBrands on the news.

SGBrands is started by @Belindaang to promote local Singapore Brands. With the help of @robin_low, local brands which just started to get on Social Media can send replies of deals to @SGbrands and it will be RT (Re-tweeted) absolutely FREE! Furthermore, SGBrands has many Singaporean Tweeps that will hep RT the message, propagating the message even further!

SGbrands can also help you with your social media strategy. @robin_low who is doing a lot of research into social media can give Introduction to Social Media classes to companies who are interested in using social media to understand how to leverage the power of social media and word of mouth marketing.

More services like building follower base and targeted Social Media Campaigns can also be provided, along with consulting Social Media strategies.

In fact, if you are a company in Singapore who is interested in starting a Facebook and Twitter account, you don't have to go any further. Let SGBrands guide you and hold your hands and together achieve your Social Media success!


Deals worth chirping about
June 17, 2009 Wednesday, 06:15 AM

Fash Hag kicks off a thrice-weekly shopping round-up with the juiciest gossip.

HELLO darlings, and welcome to my new Great Singapore Sale blog. From today till the end of July, I'll be bringing you the latest news and gossip from the retail frontline thrice a week.

To kick things off, I thought I'd talk about every shopper's favourite topic: bargain-hunting.

Every fashionista worth her salt knows how to sniff out those good deals during this GSS - whether it be through advertisements or well-placed contacts.

But as you know, it is the age of social networking. And what better way to learn about a bargain than through the Web's newest debutante, Twitter?

Seems like some boys and girls have been busy squirrelling away all the lovely deals they can sniff out and posting them on their Twitter feeds.

If you have an account, all you have to do is search for the terms #sgdeal or #GSS. This will throw up a whole list of promotions that people are twittering about, from the upcoming Mango sale to a storewide 50 to 70 per cent sale on St Louis bags.

One tasty morsel I found recently was a link that lets you download coupons for VivoCity, Wisma Atria and The Centrepoint stores - exclusive to those-in-the-know netizens. 

If you're too lazy to do a check, follow the account @BrandSG at which will deliver updates of the latest deals to your Twitter account.

But why stop there? Dozens of retailers that have jumped on the Twitter bandwagon are worthy of your attention.

The new Tampines 1 mall recently told me about Uniqlo offering jeans at $49.90 (down from $69.90), while department store Tangs let me in on the arrival of its Spring Court shoes.

I hear smaller local businesses are getting in on the act too, such as cheongsam brand Mazzario.

There's also a whole realm of Twitter deals beyond fashion. Check out travel site Zuji and Whatsonsg for restaurant deals and events.

Never mind how all this excessive mouse-clicking will ruin your nails, darlings. After all, with the money saved from these deals, you can well afford a nice manicure afterwards, non?


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