Sunday, July 18, 2010

EMS Delivery to Singapore

I've had many articles and parcels delivered from myself to myself in Singapore, and Everytime I tried to deliver fast, it ended up as a waste of time and money.

EMS Delivery to Singapore
A waste of time and money

I've shipped many things before, old clothes, sample products, goods. And when time is of the essence, I tried using the post office. In the past, I have used EMS postage several times, and it never turned out to be "on-time".

In terms of EMS post, the cost is almost as much as DHL, FEDEX and UPS, however, as I can usually find the post office, I have tried using the EMS shipping for my urgent deliveries.

I've shipped samples and goods, and everytime I do it through EMS, I get delays at Singapore customs, and of course, taxed.

When I ship samples using regular airmail, I do not get taxed.

Next, EMS seemed to like to deliver at 6pm or later. I don't understand why, as that is usually my dinner time or I'm not home yet. In Singapore, they do not drop off your package at your nearest post office. Instead, they return it to Singapore Post HQ, unlike regular airmail. Getting them to deliver again will take 2 days.

Recently, I have sandals straps delivered over to Singapore by EMS. They arrived on 14 July, 2010 at 6pm. I was not home and was not aware that they arrived, and delivery was attempted. The straps were in a very small package and I assumed it would be in my letter box.

However, when I checked with the post office again, they informed me that EMS from Singapore Post do not drop items in letter box and do not leave articles at the nearest post office. I did not have any slips to claim my article as I did not receive any.

I used the tracking number and managed to get the straps redelivered ... in 2 days.

Way to go EMS.

So if you have any urgent delivery, DO NOT USE EMS if you are shipping it to Singapore. Use the big names freight forwarders. If you can wait a little, use the Air Mail.

Why pay extra, and have a lot more hassle?

-- Robin Low


Vivian said...

hi, sorry to check with you, i'm having a problem with ems delivery.. same situation, i was not around on the delivery time, it's around 9 something in the morning.. stated notice left, but i did not see any notice left.. how do you re-arrange the delivery without any notice?

Vellee said...

me too.. freaking angry with them too...

Wong Eng Hock said...

Yes,EMS is shit.
Recently, I purchase some health supplements from Australia. After opening up the parcel...I was very disappointed that one of the Omega3 cover was not being capped back after inspection. As a result, half of the bottle of capsules was shattered around the box. Ems should practice the courtesy of sealing up items with a inspected tag shown.
How should I make a claim from EMS?

Aelson Chong said...

EMS is the most rubbish company I have encountered too. My items were torn and tattered. This video below is a leak on how the China EMS unloads our packages.

marlens said...

this article written in 2010/2011? its 2017 and this shit happens to me, i'm just curious bcs i'm newbies in town so i'm trying to find review abt this company and yes its bad reputation so today I;m just having a bad day bcs my package not arrived on time with the 'wrong scan reason' so they want me to wait for another 3/4 working days and all they can say is just sorry. man don't waste your money for this shipping company