Sunday, July 04, 2010

Shokudo (Singapore) Revisited

My friend Harean is in town and I went to Shokudo again.

I decided that this was a good place to meet, and try them out again.

Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar @ Raffles City
Raffles City Shopping Center
252 North Bridge Road, #B1-44E
Singapore 179103
Tel: +65 6837 3793


For those that do not know what Shokudo is, Shokudo is a Japanese Marché. Within Shokudo, there are many little stores selling different Japanese food, from ramen, hotpot, Tonkatsu, Teppanyaki, Japanese Pizza, Japanese burgers, Omelette rice, sushi, Japanese deserts.

I would say that the concept is interesting, and it is worth checking out for one, and if you interested in getting a little bit of each type of Japanese food, this is the place for you.

From my few past experiences, I felt that the food was ok, and rather expensive. Nothing much has changed, however, I realized one big difference which I thought, made me spent a lot more than before -- The reduction of MAINLAND CHINESE STAFF.

On a few past occasions, I had really really poor service. The staff could not understand English, they were very argumentative, and most of all, serving up errors all the time. I was overcharged several times, and once undercharged, but today, thought the staff did nothing exceptional, the reduce in the number of staff that I could not understand actually made the experience slightly better, and I ordered more food.

I would say I personally ate more than S$40 worth of food, and though it was pretty ok in quality, I still feel it was expensive, and not really value for money. But for all the Japanese things you want to eat under one roof, this is the place to go.

Overall, I felt that it was self service, and the ambiance of the place is very conducive to meet friends and have a good time. The food was a little expensive, and pretty much you do not encounter the staff until the exit where you pay, and I did feel that the counter staff, chatting amongst themselves, and then walking away without any explanation was pretty rude.

Then I was charged one extra item which I ordered 1 and paid for 2, but I realized this after signing, and the queue of people wanting to pay was simply too long for me to really want to spend time and hold up the line to argue about $7.50.

Value for money: 5/10
Food quality: 7.5/10
Variety of food: 8/10 (Japanese food)
Quality of staff: 4/10 (an improvement from previous times)

-- Robin Low

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