Monday, October 11, 2010

Audiophile In-ear Head Phones 2010

I have the pleasure to try out these fantastic devices over the weekend, and I was indeed pleased with most of them. Here are some of the reviews.

Monster turbine pro high-performance in-ear speakers gold

These babies are simply insane. The separation is very clear, and they seem to have the best base you can ever get. I mean -- Subwoofer base -- right in your ear! Listened to Hip Hop and it felt like you are in a show car with all that BASE! For most other headphones with base, the other ranges of sound usually suffers, however these babies are crisp and clear.

I'm really impressed with the technology, and this headphone is the only one you need to listen to hip hop, opera or classical music! (However the price is rather intimidating)

Shure SE535 Sound Isolating Earphones

Triple High-Definition MicroDrivers
Featuring Triple High-Definition MicroDrivers, the SE535 utilizes dedicated tweeter and dual woofers to deliver spacious sound with rich bass. A detachable cable with wire-form fit enables easy replacement, both extending the life of your investment and providing a secure, comfortable fit. Sound Isolating sleeves in multiple sizes provide up to 37 dB of isolation, and a wide assortment of accessories offer premium customization.

In short, this is INSANE. Though the base was not as deep as the monster turbine, it was very rich, and when used in crowded areas and loud places, the sound isolation REALLY works. Very comfortable and GREAT quality. It comes with a lot of accessories as well. The removable cables is indeed cool, but the price is SCARY.

Klipsch Image X10 Noise-Isolating Earphone 

These headphones don't look impressive. They are indeed light and could be the smallest audiophile quality headphones ever! I was shocked by the clarity of the sound this headphone produced, and the sound isolation and base is relatively top grade as well.

They are so small and light, I forgot that the are on my ears sometimes. Very comfortable to wear! Again, price is a major consideration, and a tad $$$$$$.

The High-fidelity Sennheiser IE 8 Premium Audiophile

Ok, I don't really get this. The owner I borrowed it from bragged about the quality, and the reviews I read were stunning. However, when I put them on, they did not fit perfectly like the other headphones, and I felt it was lacking in base. I could not tell that it actually had more frequencies in the inaudible range than the other headphones (As I'm not a dog) and I frankly do not care.

It produces a good sound, however when compared to the rest, and at the price of these headphones, I did not like it at all, perhaps because of the fit.

Grado GR8

Initially, I did not feel that this was in the same range of headphones I've tested, but after seeing the name Grado, I realized that there must be something great behind this babies. Although they feel a little plastic, they were actually the most comfortable of the lot, and the sound is nothing but stunning. The build quality is rather good, and the cables feel sturdy with certain parts reinforced and strong. I like them, but again, I feel that this is just a "cheap" Grado product, something pretty affordable, while giving you all that good sound.

Still cheaper than the SE535, these seemed like good value for money, when you put on the brand.

-- Robin Low

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