Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Mc Fadden's Pub Review

I was at Mc Fadden's Pub for a few times and for the first time, I actually dined at the Vault in the basement. It is an actual bank vault! Pretty amazing to be there.

I was pretty impressed by the vault, and decided to try out more food and drinks to give a review.

Firstly, I must say again, dining in the vault is pretty cool. I remembered going there before and after having more food, I remembered why I am not there more often.

1) Location:
The location is ok, pretty accessible by the Blue line or Green line train (possibly orange line too) It is right near Haymarket which is a famous touristy place.

2) Atmosphere:
The staff is generally friendly, though the bouncers seemed a little hot headed and unfriendly. It does get crowded, and the service is pretty slow when it does get crowded. The music varies greatly, one moment its great dance music, then its techno, then its hip hop. I don't get the different floors how the music pretty much is random. The place does smell like years of beer on the floor, and does not feel very appetizing. Service, like the music, is pretty random too, sometimes its good, and other times, pretty bad.

3) Food and drinks:
The food here is pretty good, decently priced. Less than $20 per person for a meal! Not bad at all. The drinks may get a little pricey though, for the same price, you can head over to cheers and Hard Rock.

Overall, I would suggest that if you are interested in going there for drinks, don't. Lots of other good places there for a drink that does not smell bad.

However, if you want food at a good price and relatively good tasting, you should check it out.

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

Mc Fadden's Pub
148 State Street, Boston, MA 02109-2506
(617) 227-5100 ‎

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