Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol -- MOVIE REVIEW

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

I would not really have wanted to watch this movie as I felt it was just going to be another "Tom Cruise - Mission Impossible" Movie, and bring the fourth one, I never expected it to be good.

However after watching it, I must say that this is the best mission impossible movie thus far! In theme with "M:I", there are a lot of exciting sequences and beautiful scenes, but in this movie, there was a good blend of humor.

It was very hard for me to say this, even for a Tom Cruise movie, I actually enjoyed it better than Sherlock Holmes 2! Strangely enough because in this movie, Tom Cruise is depicted as more human, just... very tough!

You will be dazzled by all the (bond like) gadgets that are pretty believable by today's science and the action shots of Cruise climbing a 130 storey building is indeed exciting. Along with an exciting score, the pace of this movie is good, and the action seems to continue and there was not much of a dull moment.

In this movie, you see Ethan (Tom Cruise's character) miss a jump several times, nearly costing him his life, and it was exciting and funny in a way as well. Many scenes were timed perfectly and the framing, movements and camera angles gave this movie the extra edge to make it far more exciting than the other movies.

Again, the gadgets in the movie were not perfect field gadgets, and they are quirky at times, which adds to the humor. The locations are also beautiful, Moscow, Dubai and Mumbai...

I did not expect much but was delighted at the movie as a whole. It was well put together, no thanks to Tom Cruise, and the movie was well made, edited and presented. Good job.

Overall: 8.5/10

-- Robin Low

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Jimm Needle said...

"no thanks to Tom Cruise"

Sounds like Tom Cruise bashing for the sake of Tom Cruise basing.

Tom Cruise was a lead producer on this film, to say this film works without the input of cruise is quite naive and childish.

Do you even know Tom Cruise? Why the hate. I don't love him or hate him but I can appreciate when he is in a good film.