Monday, December 12, 2011

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows - Movie Review

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011)

Robert Downy Jr teams up with Jude Law again in A Game of Shadows, directed by Guy Ritchie.

I expected this movie to be good after watching the first one, and had pretty high hopes for this one. Not to reveal the plot, I would just go to what I like and dislike about the movie.

1) A lot of funny moments. The chemistry of Watson and Sherlock Holmes is great, and there are tons of funny moments.
2) The cinematography, colors, costume and set is beautiful, a real high quality production.
3) Story is very cohesive and Guy Ritchie managed to bring everything together at the end.
4) A very innovative way of telling the story. Very original story. And they DARE to kill off characters.
5) You get to see one of the ugliest onscreen women -- Robert Downy Jr.
6) Felt very family friendly. It is PG-13 afterall.

1) The action sequences, use of the slow motion to add dramatic effect gets a little dry after a few times.
2) There are many jokes that are unnecessary and falls pretty flat Do we really need to see a fat white guy? Really?
3) The investigation is a little epic. Too Epic. Sherlock Holmes stopped Prof. Moriaty's plan to start a world war? Do they have to go there?
4) The explanation for all things get a little stale at times, and for some action that Sherlock Holmes take, there just too much explanation.
5) There are a lot of moments where the action stopped and they tried comedy, then some dry parts. Movie is in pieces and the story is pieced together, but it did not seem to be a very good job.
6) Tries too much to be a comedy / action movie.
7) Felt very family friendly. It is PG-13 afterall.

Its a great holiday movie. If you like the first one, you should like this one. It feels very much similar. It seems a little like they are milking the series though.

The End?

Overall: 7/10

-- Robin Low

If you want to know why I did not like this movie. I don't get why Prof. Moriaty has to go after Watson... Its kinda unnecessary. Watson is married and pretty much out of the story otherwise, and going against Sherlock Holmes would be much easier.


M-A-V said...

He is going after Sherlock Holmes by going after Watson. He knows that killing Watson and his wife would hurt Holmes more than anything else. You have to remember that Holmes is a shut-in, he has very little true friends, so Watson means the world to him. It's better if you just read the books.

Iron Bowl said...

will read the books, thanks

Jenalyn Cruso said...

I heard it's really awesome in the IMAX format.

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