Sunday, August 05, 2012

Singapore NDP 2012 Preview (Fireworks) Review

The National Day celebrations in Singapore is probably the only one in the world where you get to have at least 4 full dresses rehearsals with fireworks and all... Lots of resources used, lots of "funpacks" given out.

Strangely, after attending several of them in the past few years, the National Day celebrations seems to be the same, and nothing new or creative is added every year. It feels like people are going through the motion to celebrate and the performances looked similar.

However, this year, performances seemed much worse and less exciting than before. Perhaps in the preview, there was less than actual performances included, so I really do hope there is more of a "wow" factor in the actual performance.

Another note, the fireworks also seemed to be much smaller than before, it is to save cost? Or is it simply using less Fireworks during rehearsals?

-- Robin Low

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