Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wreck It Ralph Movie Review

The concept of Wreck It Ralph seemed very interesting - everyone has a role to play - even as a villain. Ralph, a game villain wants to get cake, medals and rewards, and decides to be the Hero, and in the process nearly destroys his world where he lives.

It is an eye candy for adults to recognize old game characters from Street Fighter 2, Qbert, and there is also Beard Papa! At the same time, the director also introduces very beautiful new worlds with interesting game characters that make you care about them.

There are a lot of interesting in-game jokes, which seemed to be literally and cleverly funny as well. The whole movie is well put together, and pacing is pretty good, keeping you interested in the characters and building the story. Although there is no emotional tear jerking moments, the movie is more like a fun comedy which make takes you into the life of a video game character.

This is a very smart movie which has many subtle messages to learn from. Somehow, even if you are not a video game buff, this movie is great, especially for kids.

Not to reveal more, you can watch the trailer which shares some of the funny parts of the movie. This is a movie to watch as it comes out, the 3D effects are pretty good too!

Overall I give it an 8/10

-- Robin Low

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