Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tide Pods Review

Tide Pods are a detergent, stain fighter, and brightener all in one. Get the same Tide clean in a small, convenient package.

I bought a small pack of 16 at $4.99 at Target to try, and was impressed by the innovative design. 


1) Convenient and easy. Bring only one pod per load to the coin operated laundry or the shared laundry machine in the basement.

2) Less waste. Getting the old small -- one use -- laundry packs in aluminum foil is such a waste. I tend to use too much detergent, and this pack cleans perfectly.

3) Works with HE washing machines.


1) Cannot vary load. If you are just washing table cloth and sheets, 1/2 a load, you are out of luck.

2) Not really working well with cold / gentle wash. Leaves blue stains behind.

I like it overall.

-- Robin Low

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