Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Tecate - The beer and the town.

I tried Tecate and rather liked the flavor. And I traveled to a small town in Baja California to visit Tecate.

Tecate is surrounded by hills and mountains, and the road is windy and interesting, and drive is enjoyable.

When I arrived at Tecate, the Beer factory is there!! And of course it is easy to find Tecate Cerveza everywhere. In the middle of the town, there is a beautiful town square, where you can find cafeterias, ice cream shops and craft stores, along with a beautiful park. The park is kinda small, and there are amigos serenading in the street corner.

Tecate is famous for Bread and Beer, a strange combination, which I am not sure if you should have them together.

Tecate Brewery also offers a brewery tour, but you need to make sure you check with them as they only open for specific hours.

Its a very beautiful place  and the journey is relaxing. Great place to chill and visit!

-- Robin Low

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