Monday, July 01, 2013

Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain - Movie Review

Initially, I was like "Who is Kevin Hart?"

When I see his face, I was like, that is the dude in the scary movie, and I did not think much of the movie. "Kevin Hart is the short black guy, that is kinda funny, right?"

So after checking Youtube, I found that he has 1.8 million views on one of his videos which was pretty funny, and since I was given these preview tickets, I gave it a chance.

At the theater,I realized that this show was packed! Nobody told me he was that famous? I mean, did I miss something? And apparently I did! The demographics of the crowd was 90% African American, and I guess I was at the right place to watch an African American comedian...

So apparently, this was his sold out performance at the Madison Square Garden, and various other clips put together, to be "milked" into a movie. Brilliant idea right? My thoughts were, is this going to be worth the money to go to the cinema to watch this?


This is basically paying to watch a GOOD stand up comedy sketch. It is very crude, with lots of swearing though. A lot of original stuff, very entertaining. And most importantly, you get to learn about new stuff...

LAB - Local Ass Bitch

This is something I can call a lot of people I know... right?

Overall, this would make a great matinee, great energy, loads of fun and very interesting!

Rating: 7/10

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