Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Battle of the Men Facial Wash

L’Oreal Paris Men Expert  Volcano Red Foam Facial Wash 

This is one of  the newer facial wash from L'Oreal and it contains Volcano Red Foam Volcanic Mineral Extract to penetrates pore. Does it really work?

Well, I bought it to try it out. 

The smell is rather pleasant and apparently, the red gel lathers up pretty easily to give a pinkish foam. I expected a scrub like consistency, however the red volcanic ash particles can't be felt at all. So this is not a scrub. 

It removes excess oil on the face well and it washes off easily without leaving an annoying layer behind. Overall, it is a pleasant experience, the cap is easily opened with one hand, it closes tight and the whole product is rather well built.

Garnier Men TurboLight Oil Control Icy Scrub

This is one of my favorite scrub. I've bought a few tubes of this in 2012, and it is a first blackhead removing scrub with citrus scent because of lemon extract.

The particles in the scrub is rather big and hard. I feel that this is definitely effective in removing black heads, however, it feels definitely too effective and I do not use this more than once a day as scrubs are usually not to be used too often as they may give micro-cuts which may make any skin condition worse.

I tend to use this at the end of the day to wash off the dirt in the clogged pores. I like the refreshing tingling sensation as it contains Menthol. Washing my face with this definitely can keep me refreshed!


So which Facial wash is better?

I've tried L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic face wash before but I do not like it overall as it does not seem to be very effective in keeping your face clean for long.

L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Volcano Red Foam facial wash seems to be be easy to apply, easy to wash off and it keeps your face oil free for a longer time. Compared to TurboLight Oil Control Icy Scrub, there was no scrub particles, but yet it still feels like it is pretty effective in cleaning the pores.

TurboLight Oil Control Icy Scrub has Menthol and that refreshing sensation after the wash. I like feeling the particles of the scrub.

Overall, after trying the two facial wash after different conditions, I still preferred TurboLight Oil Control Icy Scrub. The Volcano Red Foam did not feel enough to remove oils, especially after sports. Although TurboLight Oil Control Icy Scrub has large particle, I like the feel of the facial scrub when washing my face and the cooling sensation after the wash.

I guess I would still use just regular foaming facial wash in the morning and other times of the day, and use TurboLight Oil Control Icy Scrub when I get home at the end of the day.

-- Robin Low


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Iron Bowl said...

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wilson wong said...

Is the icy scrub available in the US? I bought my tube overseas and its going to run out soon..

Iron Bowl said...

Facial wash can be bought at many asian supermarket