Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Greenyarn Compression Socks

Compression socks -- socks with the right compression is definitely very useful and important for a certain group of people.

Compression socks are socks with the right compression zones. Unlike normal socks, compression socks do not have a tight cuff to hold the socks up. This is particularly useful for the various groups of people.

1) People with poor blood circulation on the feet. People with diabetes or other kinds of disorders. Having no restrictive cuffs, compression socks will not restrict blood flow. Having the right compression on the right place, the socks will stay on the feet while providing the right compression to allow blood to flow.

2) People with swollen feet. With no restrictive cuff, it is easier to wear these socks, some women who are pregnant may experience swollen feet and these compression socks can be put on more easily and fit well.

This pair of Compression socks however has more features than other compression socks. Greenyarn compression socks are 200 needle count cushion base and contain Eco-fabric. Eco-fabric is a material that is embedded with nano-particles of bamboo charcoal, allowing it to be deodorizing, antibacterial, absorbs and emits far-infrared energy and promotes blood circulation and metabolism.

The 200 needle count 3-D knitting makes the whole base of the sock -- the grey portion -- cushioned with fine tiny knitted "springs" unlike regular socks which are 96 or 120 needle count, these "springs" are not like regular rings which gets flatten after prolonged use. The cushioning and comfort lasts the whole day.

As I travel a lot, on the air and on the road, I can probably wear the same pair of socks for up to 36 hours. With a cushioned sole, I'm sure many travelers will also agree with the need of having an odor free, comfortable, nonrestrictive socks which wicks moisture quickly.

I personally am not suffering from any disease or illness, nor are my feet swollen. But when I travel for long distances, these are the socks of choice for my travels.

Currently, it is available at CEO Concept Stores in Malaysia. (Penang)

You can find them here.

-- Robin Low

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