Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bruichladdich Port Charlotte PC10 Review

Bruichladdich Port Charlotte caught my attention when I bought and tasted the PC5 years back, and it became my favorite whisky.

Back in 2001, Jim McEwan reopened Bruichladdich, and he visited Taiwan and launched the PC5 which I tasted. I like peated Islay Malt, but I do think Ardbeg Uigeadail 17 is a little over the top on your first sip as it is just filled with so much "Peat".

So when I tried the PC5, I realized that it says heavily peated, but compared to the Ardbeg, it is not so strong. (But you can surely taste it.) Deep rich smoke, multiple layers of peat. This is what I like about the PC5, and was very surprised that this new distillery could have such tasty 5 year old whiskey.

So as they years went by, I got the PC6, PC7, PC8, and they do taste very similar to the PC5. And I just got my bottles of PC10 and I've tried it together with a friend with an open bottle. Firstly, I must say, this is a limited run with 6000 bottles. Right from my first sip, I could actually taste sherry (unlike the other Port Charlotte) and quickly followed by the peat. The sherry wood gives another dimension of richness and weight to this typically light and piercing single malt.

"Citrus, hot pepper, cocoa." Very intriguing nose sets up high levels of anticipation for the first sip, and I was not disappointed. However, I had a bigger than usual gulp, which sets of the strong alcohol alert which makes me realize what you are drinking. Adding a ball to the whiskey allows the flavor to mellow out a little, allowing you to taste the lemon or orange (and toffee?) sweetness inside.

I do like my peated flavor, and for those who think its too strong, adding an ice ball and waiting for it to chill the drink, then drinking it and letting your mouth warm up the whiskey can open up new flavors which you can enjoy.

I am pleasantly surprised and I really enjoy my PC10 Port Charlotte. Would love to get more!

-- Robin Low

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