Sunday, November 24, 2013

Paradisus Palma Real Review

Paradisus Palma Real is located at Bavaro, Dominican Republic.

Located close to Punta Cana Airport and the region, Paradisus Palma Realis a very popular tourist spot for Americans, Canadians and Eurpoeans.

Paradisus Palma Real is a relatively nice resort, similar to many other resorts in Punta Cana. It an all inclusive Resort, which means meals, drinks and most things in the resort is free.

The beach is fantastic for sunrise. The weather when I was there was great, warm and not too humid with an occasional rain.

The facilities.

There are lots of pools... Nice pools, shallow pools... All chlorinated though. The beach is pretty, and you cna play volleyball on the beach. The Gym is kinda small, but pretty well maintained. There is a nice spa and a casino as well.

Overall, its a great place to be for 3 days and nice to chill and have fun. The bars may need more work as they do have live music and dancers, but the song selection is not great and there are not a lot of folks in November.

The Room

The room is pretty impressive, Jacuzzi bath tub, spacious areas, big beds. Showers that shoot water at you. It comes with most things you need, except a toothbrush.

7/10 in overall as I've a few light sockets which did not work, but it made up with free beer and drinks in the fridge. Some of the knobs are missing and the room is clean, but maintenance is not really that great.

I guess, its not that new as there us a cassette deck HiFi system. The Wifi in the room works sometimes, and as the room may be located pretty far from the lobby with free WiFi, it can be rather inconvenient.

The Food

Many restaurants to choose from, but food quality is rather mediocre, something you can expect from a cruise. Although you get sushi, great cuts of beef and various other luxurious foods, the taste is just average. What a waste.

Drink are pretty ok, the Pina Colada at the Lobby Bar is tasty. As all the food is free, I can't really complain that much.

The service is not too good either, rather slow and the waiters forget things. However, most tourists do not tip, and I guess there is no incentive to work hard.

Overall, I guess its a place to chill and relax. Do not worry about the cost of meals as its all inclusive. Even room service is free!

Weather, sky and beach -- Fantastic!

-- Robin Low

Overall 8/10

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