Thursday, December 26, 2013

47 Ronin Movie Review

47 Ronin, a movie with a lot of special effects starring Keanu Reeves.

There is not much plot to this one dimensional movie about Bushido and Samurai honor in a fantasy magical setting.

There are some enjoyable and exciting bits in the movie, and the effects are relatively well done. The cast is pretty good as well, but the choice of using a tale that is some what based on some pseudo Japanese legend, and trying to include some Japanese Culture into the whole story does not do it for me.

Not to be a purist, but everyone speaking English in a bad Japanese accent, and having weird semi-realistic Japanese Seppukku scene, and then an unrealistic one at the end does not do it for me.

I am totally fine if this movie was over the top surreal as there is already magic involved, and having it based on some fantasy story would do ok, but trying to make it like some form of Japan Samurai Spirit worship movie with actors speaking in a bad Japanese accent feels slightly offensive to me.

The movie however was pretty enjoyable although it was pretty straightforward, samurai getting honor back movie.

Not much more to say really... Its Keanu Reeves doing what Keanu Reeves does.

Overall, 5/10

Watch it in a matinee or something with friends to have fun, or not watch it at all....

-- Robin Low

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