Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Microsoft Surface Review (If you are thinking of getting a cheap one)

I bought my Microsoft Surface on Black Friday 2013 (Not Surface 2) because finally, it is at the price I want to pay. If there are more deals coming up and you can pick one up for cheap, here is my review to help you decide.

Firstly - Looks (Exterior)

You can check it out at the Microsoft store, The Microsoft Surface looks like the Surface 2, just that the built in stand has only 1 height. Still, its looks pretty good and functional. It is rather slim and feels well built and solid.

The Specifications.

Here is the low-down that made me buy the 32GB Surface (For $200+ Tax)

1) 64GB MicroSD Card Slot (Turns your Tablet into a 96GB machine for a low cost. (I bought a SanDisk 64GB MicroSD for $35)

2) FULL SIZE USB -- OMG this is useful

3) HD Video Out -- With adapters, you can connect it to a HDMI TV or a computer monitor.

4) Bluetooth 4.0

5) A/B/G/N wireless

6) Resolution: 1366x768 (not too bad but not full HD)

What does it include?

It includes a full browser, (Can play Flash Video)
Microsoft Office 2013 - Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook, Onenote


Initially, I did not really like the Windows 8, it felt unpolished, and FLAWED. And since the Windows 8.1 update is available, why not go for 8.1?

Here are some instructions to update your poorly made Windows 8 to Windows 8.1
->Microsoft Link<- br="">

I must say, Windows 8.1 is much better.


After testing for a few days and a few charging cycles, here are my thoughts.


- Good enough battery life (played 4 hours of music, 2 hours of surfing and downloads after standby for 2 days)
- Free FULL MS Office 2013!!
- Quick Startup, no wait
- Good size and looks
- Good price
- Very AWESOME Facebook App, better than PC version.
- Plays MP3s (Unlike Apple)

- Downloading Windows 8.1 (2GB) takes Forever!
- Not a lot of apps available for Windows RT (Some work on Windows 8.1 only not RT)
- After getting Windows 8.1, Facebook and a Twitter app, my 32GB Surface has 15GB storage remaining.
- Not really that light, when you carry it and use it, it makes your fingers tired.
- Surface Pro Pen does not work on the Surface RT (disappointed)
- Turning on Tablet is fast, restarting it is not...


I'm rather satisfied with my Windows Surface though, using it for web surfing, doing documents and listening to MP3. For it price, it is worth it.

Overall Rating 9/10 (Value buy)

-- Robin Low

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