Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Moist+ 2 Review.

I've used many facial products in the past as I have sensitive and oily skin, which makes my face prone to Acne. When I take spicy food, I can prepare for an outbreak of acne.

However, since I moved to the US, my skin became much drier as the humidity is lower, but still, there are a lot of oily spots on my face.

I have discovered that regularly washing gets rid of the oily spots, but it is just curing the symptom, and to enjoy oil free and acne free skin, the using of moisturizing products is key.

I've tried many facial masks in the past, cheap Korean ones to SKII, the very expensive ones from Japan, in my opinion, the cheap ones are worthless, as they are simply paper masks with water, nothing more.

Moist+ 2 from Greenyarn is definitely something worth trying as it is not too expensive, however it performs as well as the best masks in the market.

The Facial Mask is very soft, and comfortable to put on. In fact, it is so relaxing that one may be in danger of falling asleep. The mask is free from any fragrance and preservatives.

Basically, the facial mask contains nutrients to moisturize the face, making it feel tighter, removing wrinkles and boosting radiance just after one use. It is sort of like a home spa treatment, and effects can be felt just after one use.

The masks are easily folded out from the individually packaged packs and applied to the face for 15 - 20 minutes, and after that, the face does feel a lot smoother, and the skin feels tight.

After using the mask, I noticed that my oily spots are gone, and my face feels good after a rinse.

I would recommend it, and basically just say, give it a try, you've got nothing to lose.

P.S. this mask may be addictive, I've know many people using it and now back for more, including me.

-- Robin Low

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Victoria said...

Thank you so much for making this review! I've looked high and low for feedback on this product as I'm not too sure if it's even worth trying. Now I'm gonna try it for my oily and pourous skin. How often should you use it?